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Bella’s Castle Bed and Breakfast in Morden

Have you ever imagined to sleep over in a castle? Well, you can do that in Morden staying at Bella’s Castle Bed and Breakfast!

The building is a stone house with so much charm and rich details. Original wooden floors, wooden carvings in the staircase and furnished with antiques from 1900s make the perfect setting to give you an authentic experience.

The owners named the castle after their daughter’s middle name and its location is right in the historic downtown Morden, within a short walking distance from the boutiques and dining options.

In addition, Bella’s Castle offers a restaurant and tea services with a welcoming staff always ready to help you!

Throughout the year, they promote many events such as singer performances, plays scenes to entertain the local community and guests. Bella’s Castle can also host your wedding, baby shower, birthday party or whatever celebration you have in mind. They are very flexible to work with and arrange details.

This Castle is an excellent option to enjoy your time in Morden, but if you want to search for other options check Where to Stay category.

A Brazilian Guest Review

Hotels are a very convenient place to stay when you take short trips, we agree, but we had the opportunity to spend some days in a castle. Yes, a castle, with original architecture, chandeliers, classic furniture and everything we expect from one! We stayed at lovely Bella’s Castle in Morden, MB, last Easter. It was a cold weekend, but the 116-year-old family owned Bed & Breakfast is so cozy that makes you forget the lowest temperatures outside. We were welcomed by the lovely Lili Xu who told us about the history of the building and showed all the castle’s amenities. The Oval Suite, a big and comfortable bedroom, was our choice for the nights: wooden canopy bed and handpicked accessories made us felt like sleeping in a different era. Also, the castle has a tea room for events and a restaurant where we had the delicious Traditional Breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, orange, juice and coffee). We had an amazing time in Bella’s Castle, it’s definitely worth the visit for a night or for an evening tea when going to Morden!


572 Stephen Street,

Morden, Manitoba

Canada, R6M 1R7


TEL: 1-204-823-0810  

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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