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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest Canadian borders closed until June 30, 2020. Regional Connections during CONVID19 Let’s keep ourselves informed to learn what is going on about Coronavirus and how we can keep our loved ones safe during this major health crisis. Mostly everything around the country has been cancelled: schools, concerts, events, sports, public buildings and parks are … Read more

Pembina Valley Commute with GoManitoba

Commuting in Pembina Valley Becomes Easier With GoManitoba App

We all know that our region, Pembina Valley, lacks public transportation and this can be a huge issue for locals, especially if you are a newcomer in Canada. In order to address this problem, a few organizations throughout Manitoba have joined together with the Green Action Centre in a project called GoManitoba. The University of … Read more

Tales From the Loop

Tales From the Loop – First Official Trailer

“At last! “ This is what most Mordenites must have thought when watched the official trailer of Tales From the Loop released on YouTube this week.

This sci-fi thriller had part of its shooting right here in our loved City of Morden. Jump to 0.58 seconds of the video to witness Stephen Street and the Art Gallery highlighted in the background!

The show will be aired on the next April 3rd by Amazon and its second season was already confirmed, meaning that the whole crew will come back to Morden next Spring season. 

Some residents are trying to join efforts to reach out to the producers and get permission to hold a series premiere of Tales From the Loop here in Morden. How cool this would be, hey? What benefits do you think could an event like this bring to our city?

I can’t wait to grab the popcorn and my special one for this!! So, if you don’t have an account with Prime Video yet, wait no longer. It is just CDN$7.99 per month. Also if you sign in with the link below, you would be helping me out with a small commission. =P

Exchange Student Program in Morden

Have you ever thought about allowing your child to become an exchange student in a foreign country? To be an exchange student is a very unique and unforgettable experience. It helps to develop interpersonal skills, gives independence, confidence, a new language, tolerance and above all respect towards different cultures. I was an exchange student during … Read more

Discovery Nature Sanctuary

Discovery Nature Sanctuary in Winkler

You never think that in between factories and businesses there would be a place full of nature like Discovery Nature Sanctuary in Winkler, Manitoba. It’s just perfect for a moment of relaxation after a day of work which was exactly what I did, and it made my day! I arrived there around 4:30 pm just … Read more