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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Let’s keep ourselves informed to learn what is going on about Coronavirus and how we can keep our loved ones safe during this major health crisis.

Mostly everything around the country has been cancelled: schools, concerts, events, sports, public buildings and parks are closed and the list goes on.

What about Morden immigration process during Coronavirus crisis?

According to Shelly Voth, the immigration program coordinator, everything stopped. All exploratory visits are cancelled until further notice. Canada stopped all Visa’s procedures, the whole country has its borders closed at the moment.

So if you are in the process to come to Canada, take some time off, keep up with your English and save money. That’s all you can do, don’t panic!

Start searching here:

In addition, if you happen to be outside Canada and would like to get recent news about how the Federal and local authorities are handling this crisis, take a look at the links below.

Due to the global pandemic situation, most TVs and newspapers are giving free access:

The most important thing right now is to keep your mind calm in order to act according to upcoming circumstances. After all, this is a situation that most of us are facing for the first time, at least for me.

Simple practices right now are so very important, so don’t forget to:

  • Keep social distancing
  • Wash your hands constantly
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Keep yourself at home the most you can
  • Leave home when it’s really necessary
  • Keep your pantry filled for about 2 weeks to avoid doing groceries and having unnecessary exposures
  • Keep your car filled up with gas

Those measures are not to panic but to prevent the virus to spread and help authorities to control it.
And please, you don’t need to buy the whole supply of toilet paper from the supermarket!! Just use this tool to find out how many rolls you need:

How Much Toilet Paper

This is the moment to put our selfish behaviour aside and reach out to the ones in need. Be patient to listen to someone in despair and be the light to whom needs it! 

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Use the time indoors to get closer to your husband, wife, mother, son. Give more attention to yourself, breath slower and deeper.

God is watching us, keep your faith alive and believe that humanity will come out of this stronger and united! 

God bless us all. The Light Won!

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