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Morden Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2018

Last year in Morden, during my exploratory visit, was the first time I got to know about this survey. I just had no idea a city would like to hear our feedback on anything. This can be usual in Canada, but being from Brazil this felt so unique and special to me.
Is this a common thing to Newcomers from other nationalities?

Morden wants to hear you!

Several questions are asked thru different services around the city such as conditions of roads and sidewalks, water supply quality, sewage, snow clearing speed, curbside collection frequency, community hall, parks, etc.
Also important ones, e.g. should the City of Morden enact an Outdoor Smoking By-Law?
As a resident, there is nothing else more important than to be heard so that our taxes can be used in a more appropriate way. So let’s use this opportunity and fill in the Citizen Satisfaction Survey now.

Tell me how do you fell about this type of initiative taken by the city hall, have you seen actions really done upon it? I would love to hear your thoughts and the comments below =).

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