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Regional Connections Offers Immigration Services

Regional Connections provides FREE immigration services needed so that newcomers can settle down and restart their lives in a smooth way.
It is an immigrant support centre that offers a settlement, employment and language services for newcomers living in the Pembina Valley.
During my exploratory visit in Morden last year, I had the chance to visit Regional Connections as one of the several places the recruitment program introduces us.
I was greeted by a very friendly Brazilian lady with excellent English skills. She explained everything that we can get from Regional Connections as soon as we land in Canada.

Do you need to study English?

Some newcomers arrive having a lack of language skills which make the entire adaptation in the new Canadian life harder. 
To boost your English it is given a test which will put you in a group according to your language level. 
The good thing is that this is not a service focusing only on people with basic English, but also they offer programs to help build your vocabulary, get your speaking fluency in addition to English for business. This one is intended to teach what are the normal dialogues in the midst of the work area.
Having great English skills will make a newcomer’s life to restart in the easiest way as possible, less traumatic. You need to have in mind that your networking starts from day-one you step in Canada.
To manage the language is essential to make friends, rent a new place to live, talk to the school board, do groceries and mainly to allow you to have a great performance during a job interview!
So if your English is not at an advanced level, at least be sure that you are able to hold a conversation. Don’t be afraid to go thru mistakes while trying to speak, this is normal and is part of the learning curve. Just try and within no time, you’ll notice how much you’ve improved.

Resume Services

Another very important service is to teach what the Canadian companies really look for in a resume. Moreover, Regional Connections will show how to build your resume according to their pattern. Your profile is analyzed and then advised which skills should be pointed out or not relating local jobs.
The main goal is to insert you into the community as soon as possible. After all, the sooner people start working the sooner they start paying taxes bringing more money to the city.
As soon as you arrive try to schedule an appointment with a counsellor. This professional will guide you thru everything you need for your new life in Canada. 
There are several orientations given about the laws, rights and duties you have living in Canada, education for your children, how to organize your finances, healthcare etc.
Regional Connections truly educates you on how to become a Canadian citizen.
It also promotes community events to gather all newcomers so that they can share life experiences and create bonds with other people. It is all about interacting and building your network.
So you can go thru sports teams, joining social clubs, places of worship, your neighbourhood, etc

Volunteering with Regional Connections

How about paying back the community by becoming a volunteer? If you are interested in helping, there are a few activities you can get involved. For more information, please call Alesha at 204-325-4059.
To access important resources for newcomers, simply visit the download page for all PDFs.
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