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Work With Me

I’m always eager to collaborate with like-minded companies throughout Pembina Valley, specially if you are from Morden and Winkler area. If you’re equally eager, get in touch!

My Values

I like working with companies that share our values and I believe partnerships work best when we’re pointing to the same direction.


We should do our very best to ensure that none of our actions will harm the environment or nature.


Local communities and individuals should be equally respected and our actions should not harm either party negatively.


All our actions should be with good intent in order to help others doing the very best we can. We want to grow together with you.

Why Work With Me?

If you’re looking to boost your brand through high-quality online promotion, you’re in the right spot. I target the public living in Morden and surrounding area, reaching all the Pembina Valley region in Manitoba, Canada.

Promote Your Brand

Influencer marketing is now the #1 strategy for increasing brands online presence. Consumers are more likely to trust recommended tips from their favourite bloggers than they are traditional marketing methods.

Multi-Channel Marketing

This website is the main focus, but it is supported by a growing social media network. I know what works best on each social media so that we can target marketing campaigns to particular audiences.

Focus on High-Quality

I take proud in producing high-quality original content. All of the posts are followed by beautiful, hi-res photography and often HD video. I make sure our posts have great SEO to lift your business influence online.

Our Services

I offer the options below to better serve your company goals.

Sponsored Posts

I can write and publish a full-length post that promotes your business and links to your website. I’ll work with you to make sure the content is tailored to your requirements and we’ll ensure the post is fully optimized for search engines (SEO) so that it can be found easily by readers on the web.


You will find honest reviews from consumers that have tried your product or service. Reviews help potential clients to make informed decisions. I can also make a review of your upcoming new product, so get in touch to connect.

Display Advertising

I have options for display advertising that works best for your business. Be it text links, banner advertising, site-wide or article-specific, we can welcome your requirements and arrange a budget.

Talk To Me

I consider all pitches for partnership and collaboration. If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch.

My email address is [email protected]. Alternatively, click the button below.

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