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7 Reasons to Move to a Small City

For a long time, most people dreamt about moving to big cities and conquering the best jobs, leveraging careers, building a family and being able to offer the best educational options for their kids in the future. This list could go on and on depending on each one’s lifestyle.

These moves turned quality of life in major cities a real challenge, not to mention HUGE stress about how not to end up with your pockets poorer each day.

Some of the disadvantages are long commuting hours, places always packed even to buy coffee, impatient customer service due to the number of tourists to be helped, expensive rentals, the chance of buying a house is an unreal possibility, car insurance above the roof, increased violence and …ok, that’s enough!!

People started to get fed up and they are now looking to go back to basics, moving to the original birth city where they grew up and bringing in with this transition an economic growth to the country and rural areas. 

So what’s in a small city for you and your family? How the City of Morden, Winkler and region of Pembina Valley fit in the picture? Let’s dive in then:


Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

According to Numbeo site, rent prices in Morden, Manitoba is 58.83% lower than in Toronto, Ontario. But this number, actually, can be a lot higher and reach 80% less than in a big city like Toronto! If you have a family of 4, this can make a gigantic impact on your monthly budget. In 2020, renting a 2 bedroom apartment costs around Can$900 while a 3 bedroom house, Can$1,400.

If you want to fix roots in the area, housing prices vary a lot ranging from 200k to 500k and buying a house might be a great investment here. In Canada, banks can approve mortgages with yearly interest rates around 2.89% or lower which gives you monthly payments lower than rent. Offering 5% to 25% as a downpayment can open many doors, so start planning and saving! 

Before starting your house-hunting, get in touch with a trusted Mortgage Broker and have your own Realtor. Both can assist you with closing the best deals according to your profile and needs. I recommend the professionals that made our house purchase possible in Morden, please get in touch with them, Celia and Cesar Fortaleza.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Have you thought about how much less gas your car would need in a small city? Here in Morden, I live 5 minutes from work and another 5 to the local groceries.

Everything you need to run your errands is within a very short distance. A full gas tank leaves me driving around for 2 weeks!! Not only that but the price of gas is also cheaper than in big cities. Add to this math, prices of food in general, restaurants, goods and insurance. 

Besides, in a small city, you won’t have that many distractions such as big chain department stores to shop around, so your money will be saved with fewer efforts.


A residential street of Morden

What makes a big city great is also what makes it bad! Loud noise, traffic jams, cramped public transportation, many hours spent commuting, anxious people, a feeling of always having to get somewhere, nowhere to park, tiny places.

Downtown Morden

Stephen Street

To start off Morden has NO transit! I believe we find around 6 stoplights total, which gives you an idea of what we face here. It is literally a “walk in the park” drive around Morden and Winkler. These cities are apart only 15min distance by car. 

Spacious areas to explore, proximity to nature, fresh air, silence. Have you ever heard the sound of silence? It can truly bring you inner peace!

I just love not having to face lines in shops, cafes, etc. 


Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash


Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

If you don’t like anonymity, your place is in a small city for sure. Bumping into acquaintances when you go out is very common, so be prepared to chit chat always!

The sense of community is very appreciated and engagement is noticed right away. There are lots of opportunities to start a volunteer job in the area. Maybe in a senior’s home, church, immigrant support centre, activity centre, etc. All you need is to take initiative.

Building a network around here is easier which can lead you to your next great job! 


Rural areas have organizations that connect you to bank loans, startup development plans services, market research and all type of guidance to open your own business. Time ago, Morden was giving 5k to businesses in downtown that would renovate their facades! 

It is a common practice to see a shop recommending you to visit the next-door business. So maybe you can be a future business owner here and have the local newspaper and even the mayor at your opening ceremony! 

Residents take pride in their city and they are happy to recommend local places.


Do you like meeting new people? This is the best thing about living in a small city in my opinion.

How would you feel to be greeted by a stranger walking on the sidewalk opposite where you are? That’s what I am talking about. 

It’s natural to be welcomed with a happy smile when you enter places and due to a low-pace lifestyle, locals have more patience to have a small talk and time to listen.

If you are a newcomer in the process of learning a new language, it is a great perk to know that residents are open to meet new people and are not in a hurry all the time.

So tell me, do you want to live in a small city and why?

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