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Exchange Student Program in Morden

Have you ever thought about allowing your child to become an exchange student in a foreign country?

To be an exchange student is a very unique and unforgettable experience. It helps to develop interpersonal skills, gives independence, confidence, a new language, tolerance and above all respect towards different cultures.

I was an exchange student during my senior year, in high school, in the USA. I can say without a doubt that the experience changed me deeply and it brought me to where I am today!

I remember how shy I was, always afraid to speak up. To know that you are in a different environment demanding you to come out of own your shell gives you a boost to improve yourself.

I will always be grateful to my parents for having given me this amazing opportunity! So, if you want to give your kid something for a lifetime consider an exchange student program.

Morden Offers Exchange Student Program

A huge part of an exchange program’s success is to be exposed to the local culture along with native residents. You can find this a lot easier in small communities and Morden comes into place perfectly!

Morden has around 9,000 inhabitants, most of them are locals born or raised in the southern region of Manitoba. it is a city prepared to host people from all over the world and provides big city amenities.

The Western School Division responsible for the education in Morden opens doors each year for candidates who wish to spend 6 or 1 year in a Canadian high school. MCI (Morden Collegiate Institute) receives exchange students every year.

The program takes place in the public school system (there are no private schools in Morden) which is VERY different than the Brazilian models I was raised with.

The education system in Canada is known worldwide for its excellence and amazing infrastructure. Drama, music, sports, carpentry, cooking are normal classes taken at a high school here.

Students learn how to become a responsible adult knowing its duties and rights as a citizen, in addition to being aware of what a modern world demands in the future.

To enrich the experience they also provide a homestay where the student can become a family member participating in the routine and responsibilities that come along with it.

A skype interview is arranged with the program coordinator and the candidate and its family. This way the level of English can be evaluated as well as the search for a better homestay match.

For more information on the exchange student program in Morden, price, requirements and rules, please visit Western School Division.

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