City of Morden

Who is Pembina Girl?

Dear readers, it is a pleasure to have you here with me. My name is Tatiana Santos and I am preparing for the biggest journey of my life, to immigrate from Brazil to Morden soon.

Me, my wife, Gabriela, and our dogs are happy to become future residents of this great and welcoming community.

Me and Gabi
Our story with Morden started back in May 2017, whereas I was searching about how to immigrate to Canada. I believe Morden is a gift from God because if I was going to hold myself regarding the professions in demand on Morden Immigration website I would have never applied.
Even though I knew that my profession wasn’t on the list, Hotel Manager, I didn’t give up and took my chance! Thank God, I was granted with the invitation for the exploratory visit which we did in September 2017. Currently, we are waiting for the federal stage of the process to complete.
We spent 1 week in Morden and I must say we were thrilled and amused by the way we were both treated by everyone we met and also for the city itself, its surroundings and small-town feeling!
Exploring Morden
The motivation to create this blog came from the passion for Morden. So be sure that what you will find here is an outsider point of view about the Canadian lifestyle, personal experiences trying local services such as culinary, hostels, art scene, museums, parks, events and festivals going on in Morden and neighbouring towns.
And please, don’t pay attention to possible grammar errors you might find and focus on the main content which I am doing with pleasure and gratefulness for all that God is giving us!
Thank you and welcome aboard. Let’s discover Pembina Valley together? Start exploring places to visit.