Have You Tried Urban Poling?

Get ready to start moving your body now that the Winter is finally leaving us behind! The City Of Morden is putting up Walking Poles available for rent, allowing us to try this exercise. But what is Urban Poling? Nordic walking, also known as urban poling or exerstriding, does look a lot

Your Local Library On Your Hand With Libby App

During these quarantine days, we have to make our free time very useful and to have quality content to read is one way to do so. Even though our local library services are not working, we still can access their diverse material with the app Libby. South Central Regional Library,

Regional Connections during COVID19

In the midst of Coronavirus crisis, many newcomers might feel lost. Regional Connections wants to reassure its services: In light of the current covid19 health advisories, Regional Connections Immigrant Services for newcomers will be modified.  Anyone requiring settlement services (including assistance with completing EI claims, or with questions related to

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest Canadian borders closed until June 30, 2020. Regional Connections during CONVID19 Let’s keep ourselves informed to learn what is going on about Coronavirus and how we can keep our loved ones safe during this major health crisis. Mostly everything around the country has been cancelled: schools, concerts, events, sports,


These twin cities are apart only 15 minutes distant, and about 23,000 people are living here. It’s a service hub for the surroundings reaching around 60,000 people that circulate daily in the region. Farming, manufacturing, trade, warehousing, health care and education are their leading industries. Tourism and immigration also play a massive role in the recent economic growth!

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