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Have You Tried Urban Poling?

Get ready to start moving your body now that the Winter is finally leaving us behind!

The City Of Morden is putting up Walking Poles available for rent, allowing us to try this exercise.

But what is Urban Poling?

Nordic walking, also known as urban poling or exerstriding, does look a lot like cross-country skiing – without the skis and snow. … Studies show that Nordic walking burns 25 to 40 percent more calories than regular walking while helping to improve your posture, strengthen your core and tone your arms, legs and butt.

Canadian Living

After some quarantine period, to be outside and explore the city on foot makes your body healthier and most of all, your mind stable and happier.

This past Saturday, the weather was A-MA-ZING around 9C and we went to explore Morden. In the end, we realized we’ve walked around 6Km!! Not bad for a couch potato, like myself LOL! For the next time, I might try walking poles.

You can now rent urban walking poles at with pickup at Morden Drugstore! We’ve prepared some videos on Urban Poling. Our first video focuses on Setting Up Your Urban Walking Poles with Sheena Kilpatrick of Harmony Tree Studio.

Let’s get walking with this nice weather!
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