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Commuting in Pembina Valley Becomes Easier With GoManitoba App

We all know that our region, Pembina Valley, lacks public transportation and this can be a huge issue for locals, especially if you are a newcomer in Canada.

In order to address this problem, a few organizations throughout Manitoba have joined together with the Green Action Centre in a project called GoManitoba. The University of Manitoba, Government of Manitoba, Red River College, City of Winnipeg to name a few, are the ones involved to provide this app for FREE.

What is GoManitoba all about then?

To make it simple, it’s a carpooling service that you can offer rides for someone and charge a small fee for it. It allows you to share a ride, save time and money, but it doesn’t just focus on cars.

GoManitoba also connects you with like-minded people by matching bike and walk mentors.

The benefits apart from offering transportation in Morden, Winkler and surroundings, are lower gas emissions and traffic jams.

The platform offers a free desktop version as well as an app for iOS and Android users. All you have to do after signing up is to create profiles of commutes you do regularly, so the service can put you as an option for the ones that look for carpools, bike or walk buddies.

It is a nice way to promote a sustainable community and also win prizes according to your performance.

Found it interesting? Would you like to try? So please, check this GoManitoba: How To Guide.

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