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Improve Your English Skills With Grammarly

To be a Newcomer can be compared to being a student forever. Every single day, the moment you step out of your house, you”ll be faced with challenges that test your English skills.

Not many people land in Morden having a great English which slows down the process of finding a job. To create a resume can be very stressful and if you misspell a word you can start your job hunting in a very wrong way!

That’s why I want to introduce you this great online service called Grammarly. What it does is to correct your writings by bringing up suggestions of words, grammar checking and corrections, punctuations, spelling, etc. Grammarly does its work at the same time as you write down your text.

I confess that I use Grammarly since the very first article I wrote to this blog and I must say that I love it! It has helped me to build my vocabulary meanwhile my confidence gets stronger.

Grammarly works magically for students and will be a great ally during essay writings.

How to Use Grammarly to Improve Your Writing?

Grammarly is an online proofreading tool so you can just copy and paste whatever text you want to be read inside Grammarly to get the corrections.

The neat thing is that you can also add plugins that will check your sentences at the moment you write them. So if you write an email Grammarly will make sure all is correct!

Write better emails

It’s a super useful tool to teach you, for instance, where a comma needs to be in a sentence. It also works on Facebook, Whatsapp, Evernote, mobile keyboard and many others.

There is a free version of the service, which is the one I use. But if you need a more advanced service with an extra Human Proofreading and more detailed corrections, then you should try their Premium version.

Remember that for you to have a successful new life in Canada the most important thing is the language. How you communicate can say a lot to other people, get you a better a job, interact and be involved within the community, etc.

So give importance to tools like Grammarly that can enrich your experience and turn things a lot easier in your life! 

Start trying Grammarly clicking here.

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