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Manitoba Wins Largest Snow Maze

Get lost in this amazing snow maze built south Winnipeg!

It seems that mazes are pretty popular between Canadians, eh? Every now and then, we hear about Corn Mazes bringing joy to families all over. But Manitoba named one of the coldest provinces, just had to do differently!

Would you like to take your family to have fun in a snow maze? How Canadian is that?

Clint Masse is used to building corn mazes in St. Adolphe, near Winnipeg. So moving to a snow maze was a very natural thing for him, having the weather with extremely cold temperatures as his biggest ally.

The Guinness World Record confirmed the A Maze in Corn, Inc is now the largest snow maze in the world. The previous record was held by Fort William Historical Park, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Guinness World confirmed its measures on 10 February 2019

It was necessary 6 weeks, 150 semi-truck loads of snow and 12 people working full time to complete this amazing attraction!

The largest snow maze measures 2,789.11 m² and can be visited until March 17, depending on the weather. 

Masse was wise enough to make this maze with extra exits due to security requirements. He wouldn’t risk a small child get lost inside it, the cold could become unbearable.

Snow Maze information:


Admission: $12.00 per person, $10.00 for 4-12 yr, 3 and under are free.

Hours: Thursday 5:00-9:00, Friday 5:00-10:00, Saturday 11:00-10:00 & Sunday: 11:00-9:00

The last day of The Snow Maze will be Sunday, March 17th (maybe the next weekend too depending on the weather) 

Sleigh Rides: $3.00 per rider

News via GlobalNews

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