Lake Minnewasta

Lake Minnewasta Recreation Area

Lake Minnewasta is one of the most important locations to be visited in Morden. It is a recreational area always with something to do along the seasons.

My first time there was remarkable because within minutes from downtown I found so much nature. Something I wasn’t expecting to see at all!

Morden Campground

RV Park Morden Campground

As soon as you enter Lake Minnewasta Recreation Area, you’ll find the RV park and a very large campground. It offers tables and benches for picnicking, as well as fire rings. Wouldn’t be nice to have some marshmallows under a clear sky to be admired?

If you need firewood, don’t worry. You can purchase it at the Campground Office. Ice and treats are also available, so make sure you have all you need at once.

Morden Campground is a fully serviced facility which accommodates all unit sizes. It provides showers, washrooms, fire pits, playgrounds and picnic areas.

As you reach the lake area you can feel the silence embracing you like a warm hug.

It just makes a perfect invitation for relaxation. Sitting down on the white sand or boardwalk made of wood gives you that peaceful view of the lake.

Colert Beach

Colert Beach in Morden

I took a deep breath and just felt grateful for being there.

As a matter of fact, the whole experience of going thru Morden Immigration process made me think a lot about life. I will write more about this process in the future.

Colert Beach is the stage for many activities along the year. All of them are organized and scheduled by the Morden Recreation Programmer.

Have a look at how many things can be done in the area during Summ

In the Winter:

Ice skating on Lake Minnewasta
Ice skating on Lake Minnewasta
Lake Minnewasta during winter time
Lake Minnewasta during winter time

The Lake Minnewasta is approximately 1/2 kilometre wide by 3
kilometres long.

The following fish can be found in the Lake: Pickerel/Walleye, Jack/Northern Pike, and Black Crappie.

Lake Minnewasta Recreational Trail

If you are a lover of walking and cycling, you can also explore Minnewasta Trails choosing amongst different paths and difficulties.

Hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy a 16km single-track trail with a challenging terrain maintained by volunteers. It is open all year-round.

For details on rules to follow, please visit this link.

Location: 1 mile west of Morden on Hwy #3 & 1/2 mile south on PTH #434.

C/O 111 Gilmour Street
Morden, Manitoba, R6M 1N9

Lake Telephone: 204-822-4991 (Open May 15 – September 15)
Office Telephone: 204-822-5431 (Year Round)

Have you been here before? Tell us what’s your favourite season of the year to have fun in the Lake Minnewasta!