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Moving to Canada as Permanent Resident

The idea of moving to Canada started back in 2016. I was coming out of 2 business endeavours that tried to survive right in the middle of a Brazilian economic turmoil.

I felt tired, demotivated and most of all I didn’t believe that my country would get back into track any sooner. Not at least, before I die.

I love Brazil, our food, our people are truly amazing. The fact is that I got tired to see how most of our society and politicians never play by the book, you know?

So, I decided to move but why Canada?

To be honest, I believe Canada chose me. Let me try to explain here by saying that the seed of moving away from Brazil was planted during an exchange program in the USA back in 1994.

After you get the chance to see a bigger picture of the world, how developed countries enforce their laws, how public services are provided and how employees can have the basics without needing to make lots of money, you start to realize that something is really awkward with your own place.

I got older having the desire of trying a life in foreign lands as my best friend. Therefore, to turn 40 made me take action right away. Otherwise, I would get senile without ever trying!

Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand?

Then I started to look up the options I had. The United States doesn’t have a welcoming immigration process, Australia and New Zealand are very far and have strict animal laws regarding bringing your pets. We have dogs, so we didn’t want to go through this path.

Canada? Well, it is on the same continent apart from Brazil only by a couple of air flights, Canada is always on the top of the best countries to live in the world and, furthermore, provides many options to immigrate and to achieve the Canadian residency.

The cold? Well, this is something to be concerned about but nothing that can’t be handled after wearing like an onion, yeah, many layers of clothing! It won’t be an easy task during the first years but I always say that I’d rather wear a winter jacket than a bulletproof one.

Hands-on Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada plan started so we ( I and Gaby, my wife) had to find each and every way we could possible immigrate as permanent residents.

We wanted to be able to have a calm and easy going life. To feel safe and useful within a community helping them bloom and grow.

Cost of living is a very important matter when restarting life especially in a new country, hence big and famous cities were checked off from the list.

The fact I was 40 years old wasn’t helping my profile into the Canadian federal process, Express Entry.

That’s how Morden came into our lives. Due to my background, age, educational history, English level and previous work experience I felt that Morden could be a great match!

Then I decided to apply for Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative in May 2017. I asked for God’s guidance and crossed fingers!

One month later, I was officially invited to travel to Canada for an Exploratory Visit aka EV.

This is the first step into the whole process to achieve the support of the City of Morden which leads to the Manitoba Provincial Nomination. Of course, this ends up with a Canadian Permanent Residency in hands.

Where are we into these steps right now?

Our EV took place in September 2017 and right now we are back in Brazil waiting for the medical exams requests under the Federal stage of the process for the PR.

It has been a long and anxious waiting, somehow I feel we are on the limbo! All I know is that everything is going to be worth in the future when we land in Morden, Manitoba <3

We are so grateful for the opportunity that Morden has given to us! This means so much and that’s why I felt the urge to start this blog.

I want to pay back all the good things starting now, while I’m still in Brazil. Despite not having many options of how I could help, I decided to promote the City of Morden and the region of Pembina Valley using PembinaGirl.

If I succeed in attracting more visitors/tourists or even new future residents then I can rest my mind knowing I did my very best to this wonderful community!

If you have moved, are moving to Morden or any other city in Canada and would like to share your story with us, please get in touch by dropping me an email at [email protected].

I will be glad to publish it here on PembinaGirl.

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