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Morden Immigration Program Wins Promo Video

To have valuable information online is one of the steps to attract and grow interest in Morden.

People all over the world that dream about immigrating to Canada and seek for better opportunities start their homework by reading all they can on the internet.

Places to Search How To Immigrate to Morden

The most common tools are the official website of the Canadian government, personal blogs, podcasts, Instagram and YouTube videos.

  1. Canada Official Website:
  2. Morden Immigration Program ( MCDII ):
  3. City of Morden Website:
  4. Province of Manitoba Offical Website:
  5. My personal blog (of course):
  6. Morden Immigration on Instagram:
  7. Citizenship and Immigration Canada YouTube Channel:

A recent video was released featuring how Morden has been managing to grow steadily by attracting skilled workers from multiple countries and above all, how they keep retaining them in the community.

I always praise the exceptional work of the program coordinator, Shelly Voth, and her team, Linda O’Connell not to mention Regional Connections efforts! They provide ways to transform such tough moments as a restart in life into a walk in the park for the ones that have courage and motivation to overcome challenges.

Immigration is all about learning how to live again becoming part of the city, finding a job, integrating with residents, playing a role in activities, volunteering and most of all, rediscovering yourself!

To have the support of MCDII program helping us to go through those moments is truly priceless and a blessing.

Morden, we are not living there yet, but you already make us feel so proud to be a tiny piece of this beautiful puzzle!

So if you are reading this and wish to have a chance in this amazing place, watch the video, take a leap of faith and you might just end becoming a future neighbour.

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