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Morden Welcomes Newcomers with Love in Details

Morden shines bright when you talk about immigration success due to its efforts to make newcomers feel at home since the Airport.

How would you feel if you knew there is a whole office in Morden taking care of all details to turn your new life in Canada easier and smooth? I bet it would give you even more confidence to transition into a new culture, language and of habits.

Nevertheless, it would make you feel that you are joining a community that really cares for its future residents.

Since our immigration process to Morden started back in 2017, I have closely followed all their activities. What brought my attention is how this small city, remember Morden has only 9,000 people, tries very hard to integrate people that keep coming in from all over the world.

Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII) is not only responsible to select new families abroad but also to arrange all details for a newcomer arrival.

Imagine being able to meet a familiar face right at the airport picking you up? A place to stay? Not a problem for Morden. There is a team to arrange you what they call a transitional home until you can find your own and permanent place.

Our time to be portraited in one of these pictures is very close. I must say that I feel proud, even from very far yet, to see that our future city has so many amazing people.

I can’t wait to become one of the familiar faces at the airport =)
Moments like these are pretty normal for Morden when you talk about airport arrivals!

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