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Tales from the Loop is filming in Morden

Morden is one of the many chosen locations in Manitoba to host a Sci-Fi production of Amazon Studios.

Tales from the Loop is a story based on the work of the Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag and chose Morden for its rural lifestyle and scenery. 

First shooting started April15th right in downtown. The production is receiving great support from local businesses, residents and City of Morden with arrangements such as changes in traffic, detours, few storefronts faking “60 and “80’s look, pedestrians having to wait until sidewalks are free again after shooting minutes, etc 

The facades of some stores were completely revamped to resemble the look of decades ago. It’s amazing to see how such production demands so many workers to think about little details. 

Pictures were taken by Julie Geake

It seems that Morden is having a big boost lately. Its own immigration program has been highlighted nationally, and now the rural city can enter the spotlight literally. 

It’s awesome to see our small city highlighted in such a way and hopefully becomes a permanent spot for future filming. The results are beyond positive attracting more jobs, boosting the local economy and bringing in more visitors with Tourism! Way to go Morden!

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